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  What A Long And Happy Life? Adopt Safe Car Driving

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In today’s scenario, transport is an essential part of the human being, which minimizes the distancebetween people, but on the other hand, it increased the risk of life. To reduce the risk of life, every car on the road has certain features that help the driver be safe. The safety features of one car may be different from another car.

With the advancement of technology, companies are giving top priority to car safety. They are providing new and advanced features in a car for the safety of people. For safety purpose, the government also takes certain steps like traffic rules, launch campaigns regularly, make different policies, etc. You could then bring your sports equipment and apparels like tennis rackets without any worries. 

While buying a new car, the safety features of the vehicle should be at a top priority. With the advancement in technology, car safety features are increasing. some of the safety measures which should be considered while purchasing a car:-

  • Electronic Stability Control: Nowadays, almost every car has this safety feature, which uses a sensor to prevent sliding. These sensors detect things like wheel speed, sideways motion, steering angle, and rotations. In the worst situation, it also reduces engine power to pull the car back on course.ESC is helpful with tall, top-heavy vehicles like sports –utilities and pickups.
  • Airbags: During a crash, airbags will deploy for passengers and for the driver. The bag inflates in a few milliseconds, but the car should have a special feature that will turn off the airbag in case if a child below 12 is placed on the front seat.
  • Traction Control: This is a control system that limits how much the wheel can revolve during acceleration so that the wheels can have maximum grip; this feature will mostly help in wet or icy conditions.
  • Antilock Brakes: locked wheels cause the car to rotate on a slippery surface, making it impossible to navigate. The use of antilock brakes prevents the wheel from locking when you hit the brakes quickly.
  • Adaptive Headlights: Headlights are present in each car. It helps to make a clear vision during and after sunset. Adaptive headlights are an advanced form of headlights; it makes the visibility a step farther. This system monitor’s car’s elevation. This is the most important safety measure as improved visibility will help the driver drive the car easily and safely.

These are some car safety measures which are inbuilt in the car but some necessary safety measures a person should take during car driving:

    1. Stop using a mobile phone during driving as it is the biggest distraction as for using the phone, one needs to take off hands from the steering wheel and take off eyes and mind from the road.
    2. Adjust left and right mirror for left-end and right-end view before start driving.
    3. Make sure that both the rear and front headlamps are working properly and visible enough yards away.
    4. Wearing a seat belt is the most advisable car safety measure.


Car safety measures should always be followed to live a happy and long life. One should always drive at a controlled speed and follow all the traffic rules and keep a view at the sideboards provided for our safety.  


Top 3 essential safety features that a car must have! Read out the details below!

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