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Top 5 Car Maintenance Tips For Stress-Free Drive!


No doubt, buying a new car has been a dream of every person, especially in India. A car is not just a vehicle for us, but it also shows the status of the person and pride too. But when you buy a car, then you has sufficient information about car companies and their parts too for a safe drive.

However, maintaining a car is very pivotal to keep it in good condition and avoid certain obstacles while traveling from one place to another. In India, we come across good and worst roads, and keeping the car in good shape is a quite challenging task, but it helps the drivers to avoid accidents. If you don’t want to face any issue while traveling and want to keep your car maintained, then you must follow some tips which are mentioned below.

Go through Owner’s Manual!

The very thing is that every car comes with an owner manual that every user must read carefully in order to know more details regarding service interval or time-period between services date, engine-oil change, and many more. Make sure to read the manual carefully so that users can solve some basic issues and freely traveling from one place to another.

Change Engine Oil!

Changing the engine oil of your car is very mandatory as it affects the health of the engine. Users can easily check the engine oil level through the digital display if it is a digital gauge. During your car first service, users must ask from a mechanic regarding how to check engine oil level so that it becomes easier to change from time to time.

Check All Fluids!

Aside from engine-oil, there are certain numbers of fluids in your car. Crucial fluids of a car are brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, AC coolant and etc. Make sure to fill the fluids as per the markings from time to time in order to keep your car maintain every time. Also, one can easily change fluids without taking help from the mechanic and save a lot of money.

Know The Battery Status!

Without a battery, your car will not start! Modern batteries are easy to maintain, and you must check them once in a while. Never forget to check the battery status from time to time otherwise the users may face a lot of issues and unable to start the car. Moreover, if you are not using the car for a few times, then you should run the car twice or more in a week to keep the battery alive.

Check Your Tyre Pressure!

It is very crucial for users to check the tyre pressure at least once in 8-10 days because it helps to run the vehicle very smoothly for long hours. Not only this, but always maintain the tyre pressure also recommend by the manufacturer.

The Final Thoughts!

Car users must read the entire points carefully as mentioned-above because it helps them to keep their car maintain every time and make traveling easier from one place to another.


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