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Automatic Cars and their History of Transmission

Automatic cars are some of the most talked-about topics on the market. They work on automatic gear and transmission. These gears need not be shifted manually but through transmissions or gearboxes. These transmissions move the gears while the vehicle moves and control the speed of the car. To have the funds you need for your dream car, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

In 1904, the first automatic transmission was introduced by people in Boston. The transmission was controlled by two epicyclic gear trains. In 1921, the steam engineer of Canada created a four forward gear automatic transmission. With time, the type of transmission was shifted from air pressure to hydraulic fluid.

Automatic Transmission types

Some of the most common types of automatic transmissions available in the market right now are:

  • Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT –

They allow the vehicles to accelerate without the interruption of the gear shifts. They have infinite gear ratios and variable-width pulleys.

  • Semi-Automatic Transmission or SAT –

The clutch in these transmissions is based on electro-hydraulic means. In addition, they use processors, actuators, pneumatics, and sensors.

  • Torque Converter Automatic –

These are the most popular transmission types. It works on hydraulic fluid coupling, also known as a torque converter. The electronic control unit helps the transmission to take over the control of the car.

  • Dual-Clutch Transmission –

These transmissions, also known as a direct-shift gearbox, works in the same way as a manual transmission. The car’s computer controls these two clutches.

  • Tiptronic Transmission –

They provide the driver’s control over the vehicle and change gears in the same way as automatic engines.

If you are going to buy an automatic car, you should know the type of transmission you want.

The importance of Automatic Cars

Some of the unique benefits offered by the transmissions are:

  • They take less time than manual cars to stop, start and gain speed. Therefore, they are best for heavy traffic to stop and start the car with one pedal.
  • The drivers do no extra effort to shift the transmissions. Therefore, the shifting of them cannot be felt by the passengers and drivers inside the car.
  • They have a very low stalling risk, like manual vehicles that stall accidentally.
  • Automatic cars make the process of learning the driving easier.
  • They are better for hills as compared to manual cars.

The pitfall of the Automatic Cars:

Like any other vehicle, these automatic cars have certain drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • They are much expensive than manual ones. On average, they cost around $4,000 more. The cars which have only automatic models are cheaper than others.
  • The lesser fuel efficiency of automatic cars may give a reduction in the economy. However, it may vary from model to model.
  • The lesser focus required for driving may distract the driver’s focus, which might result in accidents.

Points to remember before buying one:

When you purchase one automatic car for yourself, you should be well aware of the specifications and features offered by the company. Furthermore, the market value of the model you want to buy and the discount you can get on your vehicle, all these points should be taken into account. In addition, you must know what type of transmission you need in your automobile and the most affordable price for you to buy. Don’t ignore the key benefits and drawbacks of the car you are going to buy. If you consider all the points mentioned earlier, you will not regret the decision of buying an automatic car for yourself!


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